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A situation “beyond frightening” in Nepal

In Nepal the covid-19 situation has reached a very escalated point and as I write, it is out of control in Nepal with + 9000 new cases per day and the promised vaccine deliveries from India has been cancelled! Please read May 10, Nepali Primeminister KP Olis call for International help from The Guardian. For […]

Thanks to our great supporters

As a voluntary organization, we are deeply dependent on your contribution to our efforts in Nepal. Meet two of our contributors here. Dentist Emilie Limkilde, who is a co-sponsor of our Dental Room at the clinic in Bode, and Laura Bonné, owner of Amazing Space, who is a co-sponsor of the Bathing Room. In addition, […]

Three examples of Chimalaya’s home visits

As soon as possible after the birth, Chimalaya’s health workers visit the new mothers and their babies. The focus is on ensuring the well-being of the child and the mother and ensuring that breastfeeding is established. The corona pandemic is making health conditions even worse, and Chimalaya’s visits have proven to be effective ways to prevent malnutrition […]

Dear partners, supporters, donors, members and ALL FRIENDS of Chimalaya Charity

Imagine yourself in a situation with no lifeline. While Denmark has opened the most we experience, that the number of covid positive cases is rising in Nepal and there is a disturbing increase in mental health issues. Far too many unfortunate people choose to commit suicide due to financial despair, lack of food, lack of […]

Bag4Life – a good start to life

October 24, 2017 launches Chimalaya Charity Bag4Life – A Bag with Startup Help for Nepalese Children. What is Bag4Life? Bag4Life is much more than a bag with starter and equipment. Bag4Life means direct support through home visits by a healthcare practitioner and a wide range of supportive services for mother and child in the first […]

Chimalaya Charitys Goodwill ambassador Awarded

Actor Danica Curcic received the female prize at the Lauritzen Award show 2017 at Folkets Teater in Copenhagen. The Lauritzen Foundation has been responsible for awarding prizes for Danish actors in the field of performing arts, film and television drama since 1993. The prize is DKK 250,000 to both male and female actor and marks […]

Actor Danica Curcic use her voice to Chimalaya Charitys work for mothers and newborns

Captivating stories will help to focus on Nepal’s challenges with malnutrition and infant mortality. The award winning danish actor Danica Curcic has joined Chimalaya Charity to give Nepal’s newborn a good start to life. Through a series of small videos that focus on the association’s important work, Danica Curcic will help to give Nepal’s mothers […]

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