Chimalaya in Phase 2 (2022 – 2026)

Chimalaya continues its dedicated effort to create a brighter future for Nepal’s newborns and their mothers. In 2022, we initiated phase 2 of our mission with the clear purpose of ensuring the sustainable future of our well-proven home visit model, which over the years has proven to be a critical factor for the health and well-being of newborns and their families. 

The next three to four years are seen as an exciting transition period, where we gradually transfer the model to a local organization in Nepal that will be able to continue and expand our work in the long term. Although we still closely collaborate with private donors and foundations in Denmark to support phase 2, our focus has shifted away from public fundraising and membership recruitment. 

Phase 2 is of paramount importance as it involves the transfer of Chimalaya’s model, which aims to ensure that Nepal’s newborns receive professional home visits from local nurses trained as Home Visit Nurses. Much like in Denmark, where health visitors visit newborns and support parents. 

A dedicated team of experienced healthcare professionals from both Denmark and Nepal has worked hand in hand to develop and implement the Home Visit Nurse program in close collaboration with Dhulikhel University Hospital. We are proud to have certified the first cohort of Home Visit Nurses in October 2023, and now 25 newly appointed public nurses are ready to enter the field and make a difference. 

With support from private foundations, Chimalaya can continue this vital process towards a sustainable future. Our goal is to integrate the Home Visit Nurse training as a permanent part of the nursing curriculum at Kathmandu University, and we hope to garner government support to expand this preventive effort. 

Our continued success is closely linked to our partners at Dhulikhel Hospital, and targeted support for our work in phase 2 is crucial for our progress. 

In the clinic in Bode, our Nepalese team will continue to carry out important home visits to mothers in the local community, including those in brick and carpet factories, where vulnerable women often live in difficult conditions. 

At the same time, the clinic serves as a training ground for healthcare professionals undergoing training as Home Visit Nurses. Here, nurses from across the country can gain practical experience with mother groups and home visits, which they can then pass on in their own communities. 

The Chimalaya association consists of dedicated volunteer teams with various responsibilities, and our Nepalese NGO is staffed with an experienced and committed team fighting to ensure home visits for everyone in the community. 

With kind support from private donors and organizations, we are approaching our ultimate goal: to give Nepal’s newborns a healthier start in life through qualified home visits. 

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