What is Bag4Life?

Bag4Life is much more than a baby bag with a starter kit and equipment. Bag4Life means direct support through home visits by a nurse and a number of services to mother and child during the first two years.

Chimalaya Charity is the first organization in in Nepal to offer visits to the mother and her newborn baby at home by a nurse – according to the Danish model.

When you donate 300 kr to a Bag4Life, you make it possible for Chimalaya Charity sending a health visitor out to the mothers immediately after birth. The bag is adapted to the newborn Nepalese children and their parents and offers locally made baby clothes, nappies, a sling, and other products such as soap, disinfectants and thermometer. In this way, Chimalaya Charity supports the local community and each Bag4Life provides Chimalaya Charity with the opportunity to build loyalty to mothers and families. This allows you – and us – to help more children to get a better start in life and reduce the risk of malnutrition.

With a DKK 300 Bag4Life you donate the following:

  • Home visits by a nurse of health worker
  • Baby bag with clothes, nappies, care products and equipment
  • Guidance in breastfeeding, and care of the baby
  • Participation in mother group with jointly with other mothers
  • Education in nutrition, hygiene and cooking
  • Health examinations of mother and child
  • Helping vulnerable mothers and children in remote areas through our mobile mothers / outreach camps

Thank you for your support and help to reduce malnutrition.

Why Bag4Life?

Malnutrition is a silent disaster that does not attract as much attention as disease epidemics and natural disasters. 41% of Nepal’s children are malnourished. 11% are severely malnourished. To fight malnutrition requires lengthy and very big efforts. Since 2010, Chimalaya Charity has worked in Nepal to fight malnutrition by supporting mothers and their newborns.

Nepal ranks among the world’s 10 poorest countries. The infant mortality is ten times the rate in Denmark. 38 out of 1,000 children in Nepal die before they reach the age of five.

Out of these 38 children die, more than half (23) die already within the first 28 days. 40% of the children who survive to the age of five are malnourished (also known as stunted which is the cause of high disease and mortality rates and affect the children’s development for life.

Bag4Life enables us to change this situation.

Giv en Bag4Life – send 300 kr. på MobilePay til 73755

Eller overfør via bank til reg. 7045 konto 1009651

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