A Beautiful Journey To Chimalaya Charity

During my recent internship in Nepal, I had stepped out for Chimalaya Charity with some excitement as well as nervousness. Excitement in the sense that I had got a great opportunity as an internee to visit there and nervousness naturally came with the first visit of such organisation and of course new people and place.

From the very beginning I felt great and enjoyed being there at the Mother Clinic in Bode-Thimi. Firstly, I god an opportunity to meet Dr. Ram Krishna Chandyo, a key Nepal support staff at Chimalaya Charity and such a great personality. I had heard somewhere no matter how high you fly in your success, you would not be perfect if you are not nice as a person. By profession Dr. Ram was a good medical doctor and at the same time he was a nice, polite and very helpful human being. During my visit there, I met many adorable children at the Mother Clinic of Chimalaya Charity along with their mothers. I gave a short presentation to the mothers there about the importance of health, nutrition and physical activities – both for them and their babies.

I also got a chance to visit communities and to be involved in weight and height measurement of the children, which was a really nice experience. The mothers were very curious about my presentation and they were very open asking questions an to interact. Babies are naturally sweet and humbled, but the ways their mothers talked and interacted to me, it did not tale too long to be familiar with them.

I really liked the concept of the Chimalaya Charity Mother Clinic. A beautiful part of this Mother Clinic was not only the mothers but also that kids get a chance to interact and communicate with each other in their own unique style and languages. It is not common in Nepal (and I guess also in other developing countries) where children below school age get an opportunity to meet and interact with each other. I wish I could have a little more time to play with those sweet children and to talk more with the mothers. Now I am back here in Denmark to continue my study, nevertheless, every moment I spent with those lovely children and their mothers are really unforgettable and special to me no matter which part of the planet I share at the moment. Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Ram, Dr. Manju, Asha, Pia and the whole Chimalaya Charity team for your cooperation in every aspects. My experience remain unforgettable. I believe, Chimalaya Charity is taking a good initiative for the Nepalese children and mothers.

Written by Saru Lamsal (former student at the Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen, Global Nutrition and Health).