An organic changing bag for your baby and you

and for a mother and her newborn in one of the world ́s poorest countries

Chimalaya Charity has joined forces with Cam Cam Copenhagen and Baby Space by Amazing Space, two sustainable Danish brands. Together we have produced a changing bag containing organic quality products to help a mother and her newborn baby during the baby ́s first months. At the same time, the bag lends a helping hand to a mother and her newborn baby in Nepal. Every time a changing bag is sold, a mother in Nepal receives a Bag4Life and a visit by a health nurse, which has a value equal to 40 €.



Bag4Life is a concept developed by Chimalaya Charity to improve conditions for newborns in Nepal. Nepal has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world caused by malnutrition and poor hygiene. Chimalaya Charity ́s trained health nurses carry out home visit right after birth. The nurses provide help with breastfeeding and knowledge about health, nutrition and hygiene. During the first visit, the mother is given a Bag4Life – a locally produced changing bag containing important remedies such as a thermometer, disinfectant, soap, a changing mat, cloth nappies, clothes and toys.

Read more about our Bag4Life concept here.




The changing bag produced for the European market is a quilted bag from Cam Cam Copenhagen containing two of Cam Cam Copenhagen ́s cloth nappies and a rattle, all made from organic cotton and produced in a sustainable environment. In addition, the changing bag contains five organic products from Baby Space by Amazing Space, baby shampoo, baby oil, balm, wet wipes and a scented teddy bear.

With this changing bag mothers in Europe can buy a changing bag to help not only themselves, but also a mother in one of the world ́s poorest countries.

You can buy the changing back by visiting Cam Cam Copenhagen or Amazing Space.