Bag4Life – Corona Edition


Bag4Life is our vital diaper bag. We distribute it to new mothers when we go on home visits to see mother and child immediately after the birth. We give them a Bag4Life with important equipment for a good start, eg. thermometer, baby clothes and changing mat.

Currently, women can also find remedies to prevent Covid-19. We have added extra hand soap and sanitizer, face masks and a brochure. The brochure provides information on good hygiene and how to use the face mask correctly. There is also informations about the symptoms of Covid-19 and about how to react in case of illness.

“Pregnant women’s access to sanitary napkins and hand soap is extremely limited. By adding these remedies to our Bag4Life, we can help stop chains of infection and create greater security for the new mothers.” Lone Haahr Mogensen, Health Nurse in the City of Copenhagen and part of Chimalaya’s Danish Health Team

Support a mother and her newborn

Donate a Bag4Life (DKK 300 / € 40) to a new mom and baby by following this link.