A situation “beyond frightening” in Nepal

In Nepal the covid-19 situation has reached a very escalated point and as I write, it is out of control in Nepal with + 9000 new cases per day and the promised vaccine deliveries from India has been cancelled! Please read May 10, Nepali Primeminister KP Olis call for International help from The Guardian.

For a long time we thought that Nepal would be able to keep corona under control however now the break out is explosive and we are devastated to see the lack of medical equipment and support. The crisis is a catastrophe “beyond frightening” (Jeremy Farrar, director, Wellcome Trust, UK), for Nepal with fewer doctors per capita than in India, only 1600 intensive care beds and very limited equipment (oxygen masks etc.) People are being rejected at the hospital gates and by July theres an estimated 800 000 covid cases.
Thank you to the nepalese Intl. renowned photographer, Navesh Chritakar (Reuters) for documenting the situation in Nepal. Enclosed you will see some of Navesh´ images showing the very distressed situation in the country and people we care for. 

In this situation we are unable to do our routine work but have switched to emergency assistance. Headed by our managers (MD) Ph.d. Ram Krishna Chandyo and pediatric doctor (MD) Manju Ulak, Chimalaya will be offering both telephone and online advise for pregnant women and mothers and whenever possible our very competent staff will supply with examinations, Bag4life, food packages, soap, sanitizers etc. With the kind support of our contributing partners, MTHP Foundation and Friends of CC, we are able to assist with emergency help (food, medical support etc). 

I urge each one of you to help our staff and this emergency work by donating. Your contribution is a 100% direct support.

YOU can support via MobilePay 72582 or donate to a Bag4Life.

We are PRESENT and our doctors, nurses and health staff are doing their utmost to secure a good start in life for the newborns. 

We are proud to be an organization in Denmark which is managed and running by 100% volunteer heart work. Thank you for your kind support to our important work. 

And we pray for a fast recovery and solution for Nepal.

Pia Torp, Founder and Chair

(Sources: The Guardian, CNN / John Hopkins Hospital)

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