Thanks to our great supporters

As a voluntary organization, we are deeply dependent on your contribution to our efforts in Nepal. Meet two of our contributors here. Dentist Emilie Limkilde, who is a co-sponsor of our Dental Room at the clinic in Bode, and Laura Bonné, owner of Amazing Space, who is a co-sponsor of the Bathing Room. In addition, Laura Bonné and Amazing Space support us through the sale of Mammas Tea and Bag4Life.

“Two things appealed to me about Chimlaya’s project. Firstly, virtually all donated money ends up where it is intended, due to Chimalaya’s minimal administrative costs. Secondly, I myself had just become a mother and was in dire need of help establishing breastfeeding, among other things. I would never have started it without the Danish nurses. It feels good to help other new mothers and infants who do not have access to the same help that we have in Denmark.”

Emilie Hauen-Limkilde

“I am so impressed by the unique work that Pia Torp has done by founding the Chimalaya Charity. She introduced myself to the project at a random lunch meeting years ago. She saw a gigantic need for help among women with their newborn in Nepal and wanted to make a difference – and she really did!

Today I am happy that we at Amazing Space can contribute positively to the project. It is ingenious that by selling and supplying women and their babies in the West with wonderful organic baby products and breastfeeding tea, we can contribute to supporting poor mothers and children in Nepal. A ring of charity across national borders.

At the same time, we are proud to be able to help spread the message and thereby send important signals to the outside world about the need for support in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Laura Bonne

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