Three examples of Chimalaya’s home visits

As soon as possible after the birth, Chimalaya’s health workers visit the new mothers and their babies. The focus is on ensuring the well-being of the child and the mother and ensuring that breastfeeding is established. The corona pandemic is making health conditions even worse, and Chimalaya’s visits have proven to be effective ways to prevent malnutrition and infections due to poor hygiene. Here are some examples of our home visits during the corona epidemic.

Chimalaya’s nurse Lasata Shrestha is here visiting Bindu Kapali and her newborn daughter three days after the birth. The baby’s birth weight was 3 kg, and when we came the baby had lost a little weight. The mother had problems breastfeeding and the baby had not had any bowel movement yet. We assessed that there was a need for the baby to get a supplement of breast milk substitute/ formula milk, so that the baby wouldn’t hydrate. We also gave the mother guidance on which diet is right for a breastfeeding woman.
In addition, the mother received guidance in relation to the prevention of corona.
This little baby had lost weight since birth, and the mother was not able to breastfeed the child. We made sure she had the right baby milk formula, and gave her advice about how often she should feed the child.
We also diagnosed newborn jaundice. Jaundice is a common and usually harmless condition in newborn babies that causes yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes. Most of the time, it does not cause problems and goes away within 2 weeks. But sometimes jaundice can indicate an underlying medical condition. Severe jaundice also increases the risk of bilirubin passing into the brain, which can cause permanent brain damage. We will stay in close contact with the mother to make sure, the baby gains weight, and that the jaundice goes away.
Chimalaya’s nurse Alisha Shrestha here visits the mother Sumi Rajbahak. Chimalaya did the first visit when the baby was 4 days old.
The mother gave birth by caesarean section at a hospital, and the boy was 2,9 kg. When we came the weight was 2,8, but the mother and baby boy were in a good condition.
She did need some advise about breastfeeding, and we informed her about different techniques. She got a link to our training videos, and she was told to call our hotline if she had problems.
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