Dear partners, supporters, donors, members and ALL FRIENDS of Chimalaya Charity

Imagine yourself in a situation with no lifeline.

While Denmark has opened the most we experience, that the number of covid positive cases is rising in Nepal and there is a disturbing increase in mental health issues. Far too many unfortunate people choose to commit suicide due to financial despair, lack of food, lack of opportunities to care for their children etc.

Nepal is now in under lockdown for the second time. It is unusually tough and people are desperate in need for food and supplies. Just take a minute to imagine yourself in this hopeless situation with no money, no food, no reliable communication and no understanding of what is happening around you. This is the situation for many people in Nepal.

During the first lockdown we were able to hand out food packages to the needy people. It is not our job, but people don’t have any lifeline, and we saw a possibility to help. Thank you to all of you who immediately donated to this event. We in Chimalaya are thankful for this positive response during a time of crisis. We will continue helping during this second lockdown. We also continue our home visits to pregnant women and mothers with newborn babies. While the rest of Nepal’s community is closed, we continue to support the new generation for the best possible start in life.

Our mission and work is now more important than ever. Our services include creating a safe environment and safe attachment between mother and child. We give counselling, time and compassion for those vulnerable families. With your support – our dedicated staff can serve as a lifeline.

In this environment we really need your continuous support to do our job. We need more people like e.g. Emilie Hauen-Limkilde, a dentist sponsoring the dental room in our clinic in Bode, and Laura Bonné, owner of Amazing Space, sponsor of our Bathing Room. These great woman are part of our FRIENDs of Chimalaya program. And this year we need more Friends sponsors.

Please contact us if you wish to become a Friend sponsor or if you know someone who could be part of this important and life empowering work.

Pia Torp, founder and chairman, Chimalaya

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