Bag4Life – a good start to life

October 24, 2017 launches Chimalaya Charity Bag4Life – A Bag with Startup Help for Nepalese Children.

What is Bag4Life?
Bag4Life is much more than a bag with starter and equipment. Bag4Life means direct support through home visits by a healthcare practitioner and a wide range of supportive services for mother and child in the first 2 years.

Chimalaya Charity’s version of Bag4Life is adapted to the newborn Nepalese children and their parents.

Bag4Life includes locally made baby clothes, diapers, caring scarves and products like soap and disinfectants. In this way, the local community is supported while each Bag4Life starter package becomes a way for Chimalaya Charity to build loyalty to mothers and families.

That way you and we can help more children to a good start in life and get out of the malnutrition’s scourge.

With Bag4Life starter kit for DKK 300 you donate directly:


  • Bag with clothes, diapers, care products and equipment

  • Up to 3 home visits by our healthcare provider

  • Thorough Guide to breastfeeding, care and support

  • Baby Care Information Material

  • Mother and Child Health Surveys

  • Mothers groups led by pediatrician

  • Nutrition, Health, Care and Hygiene Education

  • Safeguarding relationships between Mother and Child

  • Strengthening Mothers Social Competences

  • Help for Mothers and Kids in Remote Areas – Outreach Camps

    Why Bag4Life?

    Malnutrition is a silent disaster that does not attract as much attention as disease epidemics and natural disasters. Fighting malnutrition requires a long and special effort . Since 2010, Chimalaya Charity has been working in Nepal to combat malnutrition by supporting mothers and their newborns.

    Nepal ranks among the world’s 10 poorest countries and about 10 times as many live born children dies compared to Denmark. 38 out of 1000 live-born children die before they reach 5 years.

    Of these 38 children die 23, ie over half (60%), already within the first 28 days. & Nbsp; Of the children surviving to the age of five, 40% are malnourished (also called stunted or growth retarded). This leads to great morbidity and mortality and can affect the development of children for the rest of their lives.

    The healthcare provider’s support for mother with breastfeeding, nutrition, care and safe contact is of great importance to the child’s foundation for a good start in life.

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