Chimalaya Charitys Goodwill ambassador Awarded

Actor Danica Curcic received the female prize at the Lauritzen Award show 2017 at Folkets Teater in Copenhagen.

The Lauritzen Foundation has been responsible for awarding prizes for Danish actors in the field of performing arts, film and television drama since 1993. The prize is DKK 250,000 to both male and female actor and marks one of the biggest actor’s prizes in Denmark.

The Lauritzen Award show celebrated it’s 25 years anniversary and the two main prize recipients received in addition to the accompanying DKK 250,000 each, as well as DKK 50,000, which they could donate to a social branding case of their choice. Danica Curcic chose to donate her DKK 50,000 to Chimalaya Charity.

Danica Curcic has been Ambassador for Chimalaya Charity since 2017, and visited Chimalaya Charity in Nepal in the spring of 2017. She partipated in both Home Visits, Mother Groups and Outreach Camps.

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