Actor Danica Curcic use her voice to Chimalaya Charitys work for mothers and newborns

Captivating stories will help to focus on Nepal’s challenges with malnutrition and infant mortality.

The award winning danish actor Danica Curcic has joined Chimalaya Charity to give Nepal’s newborn a good start to life. Through a series of small videos that focus on the association’s important work, Danica Curcic will help to give Nepal’s mothers and children a voice.

The actor is currently visiting Chimalaya Charity’s projects in the Bode area – a short distance outside Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu – and will, together with the association’s healthcare team, come close to the major challenges facing the country. Nepal is one of the countries with the highest infant mortality rate and most malnourished children. 57,000 children die each year, but many of these deaths could be avoided with relatively simple knowledge – the kind we have learned through our groups of the world through mothers and healthcare professionals.

Danica Curcic, as ambassador to the association, will help to focus on the three simple concepts that Chimalaya Charity is very successful with, and the small local area in Bode is pioneering. Through home visits to mothers with newborns, mother groups and outreach camps, Chimalaya Charity’s talented team of doctors, nurses and social workers brings health care to a vulnerable and vulnerable group. The inspiration is taken in Scandinavia, but the help is 100% Nepalese.

The Nepalese mothers deserve to give their children an equally good start to life like all other mothers. Therefore, we provide the best we can – our knowledge, support and a helping hand. In this way, the nepales themselves can carry the torch on time so that the future generations will become both strong and healthy – and hopefully able to lift the country out of poverty.

In Chimalaya Charity we look forward to showing in sound and pictures how we do our work and how we help mothers and their children in Nepal.

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